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Applicability statement stromversorgung

Applicability Statement 4 für Stromversorgungsunternehmen in Deutschland

Umstellung der Marktkommunikation auf das sichere Verfahren AS4 mit der Smart Metering PKI und unter Einhaltung der kryptographischen Vorgaben des BSI.
zero trust architecture

Introduction to Zero Trust Architecture

Due to the exponential increase in cyber threats and attacks, Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) has become the latest trend in enterprise cybersecurity.
digital certificate

eIDAS 2.0 - Roadmap, Toolbox, and The European Digital Identity Architecture

EUDI Wallets are mobile applications or cloud services that collect and store digital credentials and allow them to be used secretly and securely for numerous government and non-government use cases.
Digital ID

eIDAS 2.0 - Introduction to The European Digital Identity Wallet & The Evolution of Self-Sovereign Identity

The European Commission proposed an update to its pan-European digital identity framework. It will enable every European to have a set of digital identity credentials that are recognized all across the EU.
A doctor holding a tablet with digital icons

5G Security in Connected Hospitals

Every component of a 5G network must have security measures in place to mitigate many of the threats encountered in the era of the 5G network.
Big Wide Data

Open Banking + Open Finance = Big & Wide Data

As Open Finance is the next step in the Open Banking journey, we look at how this acceleration could reshape the financial services ecosystem, revolutionizing the way financial service providers operate and the significant benefits of big and wide data.

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