Electronic ID

Electronic Identity (eID): Government versus Privatization - A European / United States comparison

This article highlights two very different digital identity strategies, as well as the various differences between a government-managed and a privatized solution.
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The Open Finance API & the requirement for eIDAS Certificates and Qualified Signature Creation Devices

Open Finance is driven by technologies such as open APIs. It is a publicly available application programming interface with programmatic access to a proprietary software application or web service – a set of requirements that control how one application communicates and interacts with another.
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Understanding the Role of Hardware Security Modules in Digital Signing

The standards mandated by eIDAS work to ensure the integrity of electronic signatures. However, what is also mandated is the need for sufficiently protecting the cryptographic processes.
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Understanding the Role of Hardware Security Modules in Digital Identities for Humans

eIDAS created standards for trust services to ensure that digital identities, including those for humans remain secure. Here we will examine the role that HSMs play in securing digital identities for humans.
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The Open Finance Ecosystem & the Standards for Secure Identification & Sharing of Data

Open Finance is seen as the natural evolution to Open Banking - extending the use of open data beyond traditional payment accounts to encompass an individual’s complete financial landscape, putting control in the hands of the customer and promoting full financial inclusion.