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Sicherheitsarchitekturmodelle für die Cloud

About the white paper

Establish a fully secured cloud architecture according to your individual requirements

Get to know the right methodology and tools in our brand-new white paper

Cloud utilization is an unbroken megatrend in digitization. Organizations across all industries are migrating to the cloud. This development is largely based on the outstanding advantages the cloud provides for a wide range of use cases across all industries. In addition, cloud technologies have passed a vital milestone over the past few years in terms of technical availability, usability, and costs.

To fully leverage the unprecedented capabilities the cloud provides you, complete security is key. Benefiting from the simplicity of using the cloud requires the right balance between security measures and ease of use, ensuring that data and services remain protected without compromising on user convenience. As the cloud is not a physical location where access can be controlled as on-premises, cloud infrastructures can be highly vulnerable to attacks from multiple vectors.

Based on the latest developments in cybersecurity, the cloud can be made as secure as on-premises setups.

Download our white paper ‘Cloud Security Architecture Models‘ today to utilize the cloud's full potential without compromising on security!

We are providing you the full picture of cloud security and the different architecture models including helpful explanation of the most important terms and technologies.

In our white paper you will learn:

  • What are the biggest trends in cloud usage
  • How you can take advantage of using the cloud
  • Which are the most critical threats arising from insufficient security in cloud architecture
  • What are the most important terms and methodologies in the course of cloud security
  • Which are the fundamental building blocks of a complete cloud security architecture
  • What are the different cloud security architecture models and when they are the best fit
  • How to create the base for your individual cloud security architecture – Step by Step
  • Which are the best solutions to implement your individual cloud security architecture
  • Many more

Being informed is the first step on your route to success in making your cloud-based setup as secure as on-premises. Start educating yourself on cloud security architecture today!

It is easier to implement a fully secured cloud environment than you might think.

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