Data protection solution

Data Protection

Reliable Data Protection for Companies and Authorities

In today’s world, data is the center piece of knowledge and success for each organization. Each day, tons of new data is being generated, and more and more companies are adopting cloud services to store their data.

With that in mind, companies need to implement data protection to ensure that:

  • They fulfill relevant data privacy regulations,
  • protect their business-critical data from third parties,
  • and avoid data breaches of any kind.

Utimaco offers a holistic data protection product portfolio to secure your data at every stage: At Rest and In Motion. Our data encryption solution ensures that your data is only readable to authorized people within your organization. It protects your data from external attacks and from unauthorized internal access. Utimaco’s hard drive encryption additionally secures the physical device where your data is stored. Our secure and easy tokenization solution replaces certain data with a non-sensitive token to protect sensitive data against potential attacks.

Start by encrypting your data. Every additional cyber security solution will add another layer of security, equipping you with a holistic zero-trust data protection portfolio.


By introducing a data protection solution, you will benefit from

  • Fulfilling data privacy rules
  • Protecting your business secrets and sensitive data
  • Secure storage and processing of customer data
  • Prevention of data breaches and cyber attacks
  • Protect every layer of your data ecosystem

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