Highest crypto security requirements for shared keys and keying material

In today’s threat landscape, encryption is a standard business requirement that becomes increasingly important when encrypted information must be shared or made accessible to third parties outside the organization. As a result,  generation and distribution of cryptographic keys and keying materials can be a daunting task, particularly  in industries with highly sensitive (personal or confidential) data and strict compliance requirements, such as payment or manufacturing.

With over 15 years of market experience, KeyBRIDGE has been meeting the needs of growing key environments. It is built around industry standards, customer requirements and is constantly developed and improved.

The single, centralized product platform for various use cases

KeyBRIDGE’s vendor-agnostic methodology addresses the issues associated with the generation, injection and distribution of cryptographic keys and keying materials for a wide range of industries - from banking and financial services, automotive and manufacturing to general-purpose use cases, the platform mitigates the challenges associated with cryptographic key management.

The KeyBRIDGE platform provides robust key management enabling organizations to securely store, distribute and access sensitive keying material and secret data within a single, centralized location.

With built-in automated tracking, organizations can manage key details and history for all keys within their environment, leading to more effective, secure and compliant key management.

Whether supporting HSM integration, remote or direct key loading, the KeyBRIDGE product line is fully scalable from the smallest to largest of organizations.

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