What is Dark Web Monitoring?

Definition: Dark Web Monitoring is the process of searching for and tracking information on an area of the internet that is not accessible via standard means, known as the dark web. These tools assist in the discovery of leaked or stolen information such as compromised passwords, intellectual property, breached credentials, and other sensitive information that is shared and sold by criminals operating on the dark web.


Dark Web Monitoring explained

The dark web provides criminals with anonymity and therefore, it is extremely difficult to track down who has bought or sold information. Dark Web Monitoring is an identity theft prevention tool that provides visibility into an organization’s dark web risks, allowing them to respond to threats before they become incidents. As a result, this minimizes the impact of a data breach, allowing the organization to take necessary action to secure the organization, its employees, customers, and other assets from a prospective attack.

Some of the applications of dark web monitoring for cyber crime protection are:

  • Detection of threats to critical infrastructure
  • Prevention of data leaks and scanning data breaches
  • Protecting an organization's customers against phishing attacks
  • Identification of credit cards in the carding market
  • Hunting dark web drug traffickers
  • Detection of dark web threats targeting VIPs

Acquiring intelligence through dark web monitoring aims to protect companies and organizations, including police and law enforcement agencies and individuals/VIPs, from becoming potential targets of criminal activity. Utimaco systematically analyses the dark web and provides tools, data and infrastructure for legal authorities to gather intelligence-related data in order to fight against cyber crime.



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