White paper

Securing the Root CA of a PKI with a Utimaco HSM

About the white paper

About the white paper

This white paper details how Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) plays a vital role in securing IT infrastructure and why it can be a serious security risk not to incorporate an HSM into the design.

Take a closer look at:

  • Why securing the Root of Trust - the Root Certificate Authority’s (CA) private key is important and how PKI plays a key role in ensuring trust

  • How to safeguard the Root CA’s private key by using HSMs

  • How an HSM stores and guards the private key and therefore hardening the security of the CA within the organization

  • The best practices for protecting and securing the Root CA’s private key, which can be managed as an on-premise or as a cloud-based solution.

Find out about how Utimaco’s variety of highly configurable HSM models can be tailored to fit any defined security policy and used to secure the Root of Trust within an infrastructure.

Securing the Root CA of a PKI with a Utimaco HSM

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