Technology Partners

Technology Partners

U-Trust technology partner program is an assembly to bring together Utimaco and our technology partners. Our goal is to design a valuable technological and commercial relationship between Utimaco and technology partners.

U-Trust technology partner program

The intention of this program is to offer our customers the right solutions to overcome tomorrow’s challenges in the cyber security market. The U-Trust technology partner program is there to develop and deploy agile, future-proof and backdoor-free integrated solutions.

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What U-Trust stands for

  • Utimaco
  • Technology
  • Reliable
  • Unique
  • Strategic
  • Team

The Ambition

The U-Trust partner program is a vital and vibrant part of our partner ecosystem. Our U-Trust technology partners are vendors that want to validate the integration between their product and a Utimaco product. Utimaco encourages the interoperability between our products and other vendors and supports those efforts.

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