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Case study

NayaPay – Atalla AT1000 HSMs Secure Payment Data and Satisfy PCI DSS Requirements

About the case study

About the case study

How Payment providers Can Comfortably Secure Payment Data and Be Compliant with PCI DSS Through Banking Grade HSMs

In the payment industry, ensuring the security of customer payment data is critical. NayaPay, an eMoney institution, had a requirement to build a robust payment services platform where merchants and consumers could transact and communicate securely and efficiently. The challenge was to reduce security risks and to adopt PCI-PTS (Pin Transaction Security) compliant keyblocks.

Take a closer look at:

  • How a digital payment services platform ecosystem enhances the customer experience by providing convenient options such as account opening, banking, digital payments, eMoney wallets and bill paying in one single location

  • Digital transformation- How NayaPay created a digital-first customer journey whilst ensuring that customer security was at the heart of their journey

  • How Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and PCI-PTS requirements were met

  • How robust, yet flexible protection was achieved by introduction of Utimaco Atalla HSMs for a variety of functions - from PIN translation through to secure cryptographic key management

  • How NayaPay reduced costs by utilising one single HSM solution

Discover how, with the introduction of the Utimaco Atalla HSM, NayaPay digitally transformed and expanded their product offering into a multi-channel payment environment.

Nayapay Case Study

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