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SVC - Protecting health records: secure, transparent, cost efficient

About the case study

About the case study

SVC is a leading organization in Austria’s health system. They have developed and implemented sophisticated IT projects in the field of social security- the Austrian e-card system, the electronic health record system and e-medication system - a web portal of Austrian Social Security Institutions.

This case study shows how SVC, a leading organization in Austria’s health system, introduced ELGA - a public system of health care records, allowing patients and participants of the public health care system to access a patient’s records. The challenge was to place health records into the affinity domains whilst meeting both legal and data security requirements.

Take a closer look at:

  • How by combining certified Utimaco HSMs as root of trust, ELGA was integrated into an existing public health e-card system, in turn allowing patients to access and manage their data as well as order medication electronically

  • How a multi-layered PKI infrastructure was applied to protect patient records, ensuring confidentiality, availability and integrity of data

  • A fully compliant eHealth solution that provides a faster, transparent and compliant service for both practitioners and patients; improving cost efficiency and the quality of care provided.

This case study demonstrates how an Utimaco hardware-based security solution is seamlessly integrated to secure a critical digital infrastructure, securing high-value data assets in an eHealth environment.

SVC Case Study

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