PKI Smart metering

Enabling Strong Security for Smart Metering

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You have already discovered that Smart Metering is one of the key enablers for higher energy efficiency and greater sustainability, based on the information consistently collected through smart energy, gas, and water meters.

And we have described that using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is the easiest and most efficient way to establish complete security for your connected smart meter environment without cutting corners on its transparency and efficiency.

In our white paper ‘Enabling Strong Security for Smart Metering’, we provide you with all relevant insights on establishing complete security for your individual Smart Metering environment.

Within this white paper, you will receive valuable insights on:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of connected smart meter environments?
  • Which risks are involved in utilizing Smart Metering (And no, these risks are not just external ones!)?
  • How you can easily avoid all risks while at the same time, fully benefit from all the advantages of Smart Metering, such as full transparency, higher efficiency, and greater sustainability
  • Why a PKI is the best fit for your individual setup of connected smart meters

A PKI provides the ideal foundation for secure communication, provable data integrity, and trust in your connected Smart Metering environment, without any compromises on performance.

But what does that mean exactly?

With the broad adoption of Smart Metering, PKIs are becoming more and more important for the Energy sector as a central tool to enable complete protection. As part of a country’s critical infrastructure, energy providers and public utilities require the highest security throughout their entire digital infrastructure. Smart Metering as one of the accelerators for digital transformation also requires high levels of security. Effectively protecting smart meter environments is imperative! This refers to securing the individual entities (smart meters, software, applications, users) as well as the data generated, used, exchanged, and stored within the connected smart meter environment against unauthorized access.

As the use of Smart Metering, as well as the number of smart energy, gas and water meters within the connected environments, is projected to grow even further in the coming years, PKI growth will also accelerate as the central enabler for complete security.

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