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Key Provisioning as Foundation for Automotive MACsec

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In-vehicle communication Security - New risks and challenges require higher levels of security

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The new advancements and technologies have altered not only the vehicle’s communication with its surroundings but also within the vehicle. The transport of audio, video, internet traffic, and in-vehicle control traffic happened with various different technologies. Today, the availability of Automotive Ethernet has made it possible to have a truly converged communication technology for in-vehicle communication between the electronic Control Units (ECUs).

MACsec (Media Access Control Security) enables the protection of communication between ECUs on Automotive Ethernet. The addition of key provisioning and management to MACsec provides the most robust layer of security to communication.

Take a closer look at:

  • How the in-vehicle communication technology is evolving
  • There is a necessity for OEMs to consider the wide range of security solutions to cover all critical challenges.
  • The role of secure management of keys and certificates and fundamental goals that need to be derived
  • Different scenarios of OEMs for secure provisioning of keys and certificates
  • How MACsec protects ethernet communication
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