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Secure Web Conferencing

About the white paper

About the white paper

12 Recommendations on How to Maintain Data Security and Data Privacy in Web-Conferencing

This white paper presents 12 recommendations on how to foster a security conscious evaluation of web conferencing solutions and how cryptography plays an important part in securing and protecting web conferencing software.

Take a closer look at:

  • How web conferencing makes use of cryptography- a key principle of information security and one of the fundamental building blocks for securing key material

  • How storing user data carries liability and how a maximum level of security is required for access and storage

  • How authentication and authorization of participants is essential and how digital identity plays a large part in this role.

  • The additional benefits of secure authorization mechanisms - granting access to data (shared files), recordings and granting permission to store and process data.

Find out how Utimaco cryptographic hardware and software can be used to establish trust, providing a solution for full key life-cycle management, auditing and role-based access.

Secure web conferencing White Paper

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