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Securing the IoT - OpenVPN and the Utimaco CryptoServer HSM

About the white paper

About the white paper

How to Secure the IoT through OpenVPNs and the Utimaco CryptoServer HSM

This white paper provides a background on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the interconnectivity of millions of devices and how this can be secured by the application of OpenVPN.

Take a closer look at:

  • How OpenVPN is required as an important IoT security measure in order to secure all remote connections and the monitoring of IoT devices

  • How OpenVPN forms an effective barrier that protects confidential company data from the unwanted attention of unauthorized persons and how it secures the point-to-point and site-to-site link

  • How authentication, keys and digital certificates are a key part of the solution

  • How the keys and certificates are delivered to each IoT device for identity management and command signature validation by using the key material stored inside the HSM.

Find out how the Utimaco CryptoServer provides the ‘Root of Trust’ by securely storing the connection certificates of the OpenVPN server and how all signing operations are performed internal to the HSM.

How to Secure the IoT through OpenVPNs and the Utimaco CryptoServer HSM

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