Utimaco introduces Utimaco Deep Dark Web System for critical insights in monitoring cyber threats

The new platform combines Deep & Dark Web Monitoring with Evidence Creation, Digital Risk Protection and Threat Intelligence for exceptional visibility into dark web risks.

Aachen, Germany and Campbell (CA), February 23, 2022 – Utimaco, a leading global provider of IT security solutions, introduces the latest addition to its cyber security solution portfolio: Utimaco Deep Dark Web System. The solution is designed to support business analysts and investigators in law enforcement with sophisticated dark web monitoring tools and automation, required to prevent criminals profiting from stolen data.

Businesses, organizations and individuals could all benefit from knowing whether information about them, their employees, or their customers, is available on dark net marketplaces. However, an estimated 96-99% of the internet is the ‘deep web’ – sites that are not indexed by any search engine, and which often need specific login credentials to access.

Utimaco Deep Dark Web System provides a way to search the dark web for key terms in a similar way to media tracking services. By doing this, companies can identify and gain intelligence on threats that may emerge and have the opportunity to protect themselves and their customers.

Key features of Utimaco Deep Dark Web System include:

  • Exceptional visibility into an organization’s dark web risks, allowing organizations to take action against threats before they become incidents.
  • Best in class technology with 10+ years of proven algorithms
  • Based on secure servers located in Germany
  • Supports documented access to all known Deep & Dark Web (DDW) sites
  • The only solution available as SaaS and on-premises installations

The combination of Utimaco Deep Dark Web System’s powerful technology and Utimaco’s long-standing expertise in Cyber Security makes this new solution a compelling offering for every organization that wants to stay ahead of the game against cybercrime. Utimaco is already a trusted partner to organizations in Banking and Financial services, Telco, Automotive, IT, Manufacturing and Cloud Service Providers as well as governments, authorities and Critical Infrastructure Providers.

Utimaco Deep Dark Web System is now available for testing, including full system access, with a complimentary trial account. For more information, please visit the product page.


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