This e-book provides a comprehensive overview of post-quantum cryptography.

Learn to:

  • The main areas in post-quantum cryptography research today
  • Practical approaches to defend against future attacks based on quantum computing
  • How to use an HSM to implement quantum-secure cryptography


Post-Quantum Crypto for Dummies

How will post-quantum cryptography address the threat of quantum computing?

Quantum algorithms have the potential to render public-key encryption ineffective, in the not-too-distant future. New cryptographic schemes are needed to withstand these attacks. Post-quantum cryptography (“PQC”) is concerned with the analysis and development of these new schemes, and this book gives you a comprehensive overview of the state of the research in this field. It also gives you practical advice on how to secure your data against current, and future attacks based on quantum algorithms and how HSMs are vital to do so.


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