Lawful Interception for Internet Service Providers

Lawful Interception for Internet Service Providers

More and more communication services rely on the Internet, respectively on the Internet Protocol (IP). Such public communication services are commonly subject to lawful interception regulations, too.

Hence, Utimaco LIMS not only intercepts at network level. But the system can also be configured to intercept specific communication services only. Service providers may choose between active interception methods, where LIMS directly connects with the serving nodes, or passive methods, which use deep packet inspection (DPI) methods for monitoring individual communication links.

Trusted Processes

Applications for Trusted Digital End-to-End Processes


Lawful Interception of VoIP Calls

Securing and mediating Lawful Interception monitoring for Voice over IP (VoIP) from threats and attacks


Lawful Interception of EMail traffic

Providing a strong and reliable security solution for Lawful Interception of emails


Compliance for data security and privacy

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