Lawful Interception of VoIP calls

Lawful Interception of VoIP calls

UTIMACO - Securing and mediating Lawful Interception monitoring for Voice over IP (VoIP) from threats and attacks

Lawful Interception of VoIP calls chart

As VoIP signaling is separated from call content, lawful interception of Voice over IP (VoIP) generally involves a two-step process. In order to intercept call events of a person under surveillance, the call signaling needs to be monitored by the VoIP call agent (softswitch). Once the addresses and routing information have been detected, a media gateway (or border gateway) can then be provisioned to capture the call content of the interception target. An alternative option is the use of a Session Border Controller (SBC), which acts as a proxy switch and is able to intercept and mirror targeted calls to LIMS.

Utimaco LIMS secures and mediates intercepted data and media before they are delivered to the authorized law enforcement agency in compliance with national laws and international standards, such as ETSI TS 102 232, PacketCable and ATIS T1.678

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