Partner Program

Partner Program

The Utimaco Partner Program targets Value Added Resellers and Value Added Distributors.

It has three main benefits for partners:

  • It generates growth
  • It is easy to apply
  • It enables partners to be competent and visible in the market with Utimaco products and services.


Building business together

Purpose of the Utimaco Partner Program

The purpose of the Utimaco Partner Program is to help our partners grow. To build partner business, we make products

  • easy to sell
  • attractive to buy for end-customers.

The Utimaco Partner Program is targeted towards the needs of Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Value Added Distributors (VADs).

Utimaco Partner Logos

Utimaco Partner Logos CVAR CVAD

What’s in it for the partner?

The Utimaco Partner Program has three main benefits for partners. It aims to generate growth, it is designed to be easy to apply for and participate in, and it enables partners to be competent and visible in the market with regards to Utimaco products and services.

Three main building blocks: Growth, Simplicity and Enablement

The three main building blocks of the Utimaco Partner Program are growth, simplicity and enablement.

  • We want you to be able to grow with Utimaco products and services.
  • We aim to deliver an offering that is simple at every point of interaction: in the way we do our product offering, our pricing, our support and our free-of-charge simulator.
  • We aim to enable your business and your success.
Partner Program Benefits

Utimaco Partner Program benefits



Clear go-to-market model

Our business model is simple: we do not compete with our partners for business. We are committed to your success.

Lead referral

To secure the growth of our business, we aim to increase the availability and visibility of our products and services in terms of regional coverage and use in different applications and verticals. As a consequence, we will refer end-customers to the appropriate partner according to the partner’s regional scope and competencies, based on the end-customers’ requirements. We support our partners by co-visiting end-customers.

Let’s grow together: Market insights, enabling innovation and regional growth

The HSM market is growing. Both for us and our partners it is important to gain or intensify market access and have attractive offerings for evolving market segments. We can align our views on growth opportunities, and how to address them, to facilitate mutual growth. We support partners by working together on pilots to address and evaluate new potential opportunities.

Investments in product portfolio & certification

Utimaco is investing in an extension of our product portfolio:

  • a PCI HSM certified Payment HSM
  • HSM as a Service offerings for Cloud
  • CryptoScript – a Lua-based Software Development Kit.


In order to be as simple, and as impactful, as possible, one important building block of the Utimaco Partner Program is our pricing scheme.
Simple pricing scheme for our products & services

Products: Our approach to pricing is simple: we sell Hardware Security Modules by the unit. Pricing depends on performance and security level. Every product comes with standard APIs and all standard cryptographic algorithms, including ECC / ECDSA. There are no business-enforced limitations on the number of keys, slots, server connections or applications that can be run or extracted from one of our products – up to performance limits – and there are no license costs for the use of our firmware modules.

Services: Maintenance can be bought per unit, for each HSM. This gives you access to support, bug fixes, security advisories, new releases, including new features and new cryptographic mechanisms as well as hardware repair.

No hidden cost

There are no complicated license agreements, no pay per slot or key models and no hidden small print that apply to the HSM. Giving quotations to end-customers is easy for partners. Total cost of ownership is one of the main benefits for end-customers (and partners) when working with Utimaco.

Fully functional, free-of-charge simulator

Start your own software HSM project today by downloading the fully functional Utimaco HSM software simulator. The simulator package comes with a 100 % functional HSM runtime including all administration and configuration tools. You will also find a comprehensive library of integration and how-to guides.

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Accessible training

For Utimaco Partners, both online and on-premises training is available. As part of the Utimaco Academy, topics as diverse as market trends, HSM applications, case studies, and product release information will be provided. Training is aimed at both commercial and technical audiences.

Joint marketing activities for a better visibility in the market

To create a maximum of market pull, let’s join forces to attract end-customers. To do so, we can

  • Co-exhibit at each other’s booths at selected trade fairs and events 
  • Gain visibility with joint case studies via social media, PR, mailings and webinars
  • Use the Utimaco communication package and co-branding guidelines for simplicity and consistency

Support & Utimaco Portal

Our Services are designed to support the success of our partners. Our technical Pre- and Post-Sales teams are available to support our product and service offering. Maintenance should be bought with any of our products and will give you access to our Post-Sales service as well as to the Utimaco knowledge base. Our Services team strives for excellence. Utimaco’s goal is to complement, strengthen and support the services provided by our partners. Via the support team and our Utimaco Portal, you get access to our support team.

Visit our Utimaco Portal

Join the Utimaco Partner Program today!

We invite you to join our Partner Program today. If you believe that your business can benefit from working with Utimaco, we would love to hear from you!

Please contact your local Utimaco sales office, so we can explore the benefits and synergies of working together.

*Status August 2017

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