PKI Basics
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Old but Gold

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You have already learned that Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) are not new but track-proven and more relevant than ever for the security of connected environments.

But what does that mean exactly?

PKIs are becoming more and more important as today’s organizations throughout all industries are experiencing a huge growth in the number of connected entities (like devices, software, applications, users). All those entities are generating, exchanging, using, and storing a tremendous amount of data which must be reliably secured.

When people discuss data protection, they usually mean encryption. But it is not enough just to encrypt your data to protect it in a connected environment.

How can a PKI help here?

And why is it so much better than the traditional encryption methods?
The overall question is: Why should I use a PKI? Wouldn’t it cause more effort than it provides me benefit?

Download our white paper to get the proper answers to all those questions!

In this white paper you will learn:

  • What a PKI is and how it works
  • Where a PKI is needed
  • Why a PKI exceeds the traditionally used security measurements like encryption
  • How a PKI acts as the security enabler for connected environments across all industries
  • Why a PKI is the foundation for secure authentication of entities, confidentiality in their communication and integrity of data generated, exchanged, used, and stored by them.

Download our white paper 'Old but Gold' now 
and get all the relevant information on PKI, explained in a way that makes them easy to digest.

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