Cyber Crime Protection

Cyber Crime Protection

Delivering Tactical Deep, Dark Web Investigation & Digital Risk Protection

Protecting companies, organizations and individuals from Deep and Dark Web cybercrime

Data is critical to organizations, and at the same time, extremely valuable to cybercriminals. When data is lost or stolen, then there is a strong possibility that it will end up on the Dark Web. Cyber criminals are interested in rich sources of restricted information - databases, financial and medical records, stolen digital credentials, private emails, trade secrets, login credentials, as well as underground marketplaces such as the provisioning of illegal goods such as drugs, fake IDs and weapons.

All of this information resides on the Dark Web and hackers steal this data through phishing attacks and other malware. When this data falls into the hands of hackers it will put any company, organization or individual at risk, resulting in lost brand reputation, litigation, regulatory penalties and in some instances, can result in physical threats.

Cracking down on criminal activity on the Deep and Dark Web has become increasingly difficult for law enforcement where the Dark Web conceals an enterprise of mounting concern to authorities, and as a result, companies and organizations must be more vigilant than ever about cyber crime prevention.


Utimaco’s Deep Dark Web Monitoring System (DDWS) aims to protect companies and organizations, including police and Law Enforcement Agencies and individuals/ VIPs, to outpace criminals with critical information that supports the detection and prevention of illegal drug trafficking, cyber threats against VIP’s, governments, companies, critical infrastructure, and individuals from becoming potential targets of criminal activities such as fraud or cybercrime.

Applications for Cyber Crime Protection


Hunting Dark Web drug traffickers

Enabling organizations and Law Enforcement Agencies to investigate criminal activities, such as fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering, cyber attacks, exploits or vulnerabilities efficiently on Dark Web


Detection of Dark Web threats targeting VIPs

Protecting VIPs such as public figures, celebrities, or politicians from becoming potential targets of criminal activities like fraud or cybercrime


Detection of Dark Web threats to critical infrastructure

Successful cyberattacks can bring internal systems to a standstill, cause financial losses, and, in the worst-case scenario, result in the loss of human lives


Prevention of data leaks and scanning data breaches

Check if your company has been affected by a data breach or if your online platforms are targeted by illegal activities and take immediate actions to prevent a major data leak.


Protect your customers against phishing attacks

Detect and suppress phishing attempts by identifying imitations of your domain – protecting your customers and employees from possible attacks.


Identification of credit cards in the carding market

Regularly scan illegal carding markets in the deep and dark web. Identify affected cards from your institute to block them and inform their holders as soon as possible.

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