The VS-NfD-compliant solution for key processing and storage

CryptoServer CP5 VS-NfD

Highest security for the complete protection of sensitive data

Delivery time about 2-4 weeks
  • Das einzige vom BSI zugelassene VS-NfD HSM im Markt
  • Zugelassen für Verarbeitung von Daten mit Einstufung RESTREINT UE/EU RESTRICTED und NATO RESTRICTED
  • Sichere Schlüsselverarbeitung und -speicherung innerhalb des HSM
Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Approved by the BSI

CryptoServer CP5 VS-NfD is the only BSI-approved HSM on the market and is therefore the alternative secure solution for key processing and storage in accordance with VS-NfD requirements.



Approved for key storage and processing up to classification RESTRICTED UE/EU RESTRICTED and NATO RESTRICTED.


Secure key processing and storage within the HSM

Meets regulatory data security standards by storing and processing the cryptographic keys within the VS-NfD approved HSM.



CryptoServer CP5 VS-NfD – The hardware security module for the processing of classified data*

As the only BSI-approved VS-NfD HSM on the market, CryptoServer CP5 VS-NfD offers the ideal solution for various VS-NfD-compliant applications such as certificate creation for authentication and access control or secure key generation and management. CryptoServer CP5 VS-NfD is the central trust anchor for the backup and processing of your classified* data.

In addition to meeting the strict criteria for the protection of data classified in Germany, CryptoServer CP5 VS-NfD is also RESTRICTED UE/EU RESTRICTED and NATO RESTRICTED. The listings for the various approvals can be viewed at the following links.

You can view the listing as a VS-NfD-approved HSM here.
The listing as RESTRICTED UE/EU RESTRICTED HSM is available here.
The listing as NATO RESTRICTED HSM can be found here.

* Until classification classified – For official use only



Easy integration

  • Support for Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Wide range of integration options
  • Supports standardized interfaces, e.g. PKCS #11 and Microsoft Cryptography Next Generation (CNG)
  • UTIMACO Cryptographic eXtended services Interface (CXI) for easy integration into your own applications

Simple and secure management

  • Comprehensive key management with key authorization
  • Multi-client capability
  • Remote Management
  • Secure firmware update 

Reliable access control

  • Configurable role-based access control and segregation of duties
  • “m out of n” quorum authentication (e.g. 3 out of 5)
  • 2-factor authentication using smart cards

Meets the highest safety requirements

  • VS-NfD approval
  • Common Criteria EAL4+ certified
  • Protection against attacks by passive and active tamper protection mechanisms 

Support of numerous cryptographic algorithms

  • RSA, ECDSA with NIST and Brainpool curves
  • ECDH with NIST and Brainpool curves
  • AES
  • SHA2 family, SHA3
  • Hash-based deterministic random number generator (DRG.4 according to AIS 31)
  • True random number generator (PTG.2 according to AIS 31)
  • Up to 3000 RSA or 2500 ECDSA signature operations when processing in bulk mode

Available as a simulator 

  • Dedicated software simulator for evaluation and integration tests 


Our on-premise options allow hosting the product directly on-site in your own network or data center.

  • LAN Appliance
  • PCIe Card 360

The centralized solution for remote management and monitoring of CryptoServer LAN V5 and Atalla HSM.

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Reliable hard drive encryption for laptops with VS-NfD computing.

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