CryptoServer CSPLight
The centralized solution for the implementation of transaction signatures in accordance with the Cash Protection Ordinance (KassenSichV)

CryptoServer CSPLight_EOL

Available as: Hardware on-premise

Maximum security for server-based signatures:

CryptoServer SDK
  • Hardware appliance with integrated hardware security module (HSM) and pre-installed software
  • For the centralised KassenSichV-compliant signature of transactions
  • For trading companies and fiscalization service providers
Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Central security module

CryptoServer CSPLight is the ideal combination of hardware appliance with pre-installed software, integrated HSM and easy-to-use administration tool.


Cash register compliant signature of transactions

Secure signature creation in the certified CryptoServer CSPLight.


Centralized Transaction Signature

Suitable for use in your own data center as well as with cloud service providers (CSP) that offer their customers their own fiscalization solution or technical security device (TSE).



CryptoServer CSPLight

Protection of basic digital records in accordance with the Cash Protection Ordinance (KassenSichV)

CryptoServer CSPLight is Utimaco's solution that, as a central security module, ensures the protection of basic digital records in accordance with the Cash Protection Ordinance (KassenSichV).

With the combination of a hardware appliance with pre-installed software, an integrated hardware security module (HSM) and an easy-to-use administration tool, CryptoServer CSPLight is ideal for the centralized cash register security compliant signing of transactions in retail companies and service providers.

Signature creation in the certified CryptoServer CSPLight can be carried out in the company's own data center or at cloud service providers (CSP), which offer their customers their own fiscalization solution or technical security device (TSE).

Physical and Hardware Standards

  • Compliant with operating requirements for CSPLight according to the SMAERS Protection Profile appendix through hardened server application
  • Certified in accordance with the Protection Profile Cryptographic Service Provider Light (certification code: BSI-DSZ-CC-1145-2021)

Highest security

  • Keys are encrypted during storage and transmission
  • Certificate-based authentication of SMAERS clients
  • Key negotiation according to PACE protocol between SMAERS and CSPLight
  • Digitally signed software with automatic checking during commissioning

Maximum data security

  • Protect your customers' data and your own data through HSM-based crypto operations and encrypted data storage
  • Certified by the BSI (certification code: BSI-DSZ-CC-1145-2021)
  • Meets the operational requirements of the SMAERS Protection Profile Annex

Easy to use

  • Pre-installed software
  • REST-API for transaction signing and management
  • System Configuration Shell
  • Web GUI for administrative purposes

Simple management

  • Secure remote access for administrators
  • SNMP alarms and monitoring
  • Stay on top of things at all times with centralized monitoring

Reduced installation and maintenance costs

  • Save significant deployment costs compared to local (USB) solutions, especially when using multiple cash registers
  • Benefit from central management including automatic updates

Reliable and highly available

  • High availability clustering
  • Automatic master/slave key replication between CSPLight servers
  • Redundant power supplies and fans

On-premise installation

  • Centralized signature transactions for all clients
  • Keep full control at all times


  • Clusters can span and serve multiple data centers in different geographic locations


Our on-premise options allow hosting the product directly on-site in your own network or data center.

  • LAN Appliance


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