IoT Security Management

IoT Security Management

The Solution Portfolio for Securing Industrial IoT Projects

IoT (Internet of Things) is a vital part of many industries which include manufacturing, mobility, utilities, healthcare, agriculture, retail, financial services and consumer electronics, as well as ‘smart’ use case categories such as cities, environment, wearables, home and enterprise.

IoT refers to physical devices around the globe, all connected to the internet and used for collecting and sharing data. The more ways for devices to be able to connect to each other, the more opportunities for hackers to intercept.

Identifying each device becomes increasingly important as the number of connected devices grows. A reliable structure is essential, especially for mission-critical applications and therefore, cyber security for IoT must be built in at the start of the manufacturing process - to ensure a trusted end-to-end IoT service, all devices that get connected must be secure by provisioning unique, strong and secure device identities.


Utimaco provides solutions for securing and managing industrial IoT devices and for development of digital business models, providing a secure foundation as a part of an IoT security infrastructure development.

By providing multi-layer security and a highly secure edge computing gateway based on strong hardware protection as well as centralized device management, Utimaco provides a diverse portfolio solution for IoT projects in order to help you to save time and costs, whilst minimizing your development time and security risks.

Utimaco’s IoT Security Management solution can harden IoT security and authentication for enhanced security and compliance by providing a highly flexible and integrable solution for evolving and emerging IoT requirements across various industries.

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