Connect Gateway
A secure and scalable solution for Industrial IoT applications

Connect Gateway

Connect Gateway – Secure and flexible management of IoT applications.

Connect Gateway
  • Highly secure IoT Edge Computing Gateway
  • Hardware-based solution
  • Dedicated solution for secure management of IoT applications
Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Dedicated to Industrial IoT Edge Computing

Characterized by multi-layer security, Connect Gateway enables secure and flexible solutions for Industrial IoT.

All access points are protected by digital certificates.


Embedded into secure backend infrastructure

An IoT Edge Computing Gateway with a secure backend structure provides protection for the full life cycle of all connected devices.


High Scalability

Connect Gateway provides high scalability enabling streamlined development of digital business models and go-to-market strategies.



Connect Gateway – A Secure solution for managing IoT applications

Connect Gateway is UTIMACO’s multi-layer security solution for the secure and flexible management of Industrial IoT applications.

It provides a highly secure solution for IoT projects through its unique combination of hardware, software, and services. It is embedded into a secure backend infrastructure that protects the device throughout its entire life cycle.

Offering a secure boot, an encrypted file system, fallback mechanisms, and the option to securely orchestrate your own applications in a docker environment, Connect Gateway enables central management of IoT applications, allowing the possibility to develop and implement digital business models within the shortest possible time.

Minimize development and security risks. Connect Gateway is available as an on-premises solution as well as a Trust-as-a-Service offering.

Secure OS

  • Debian based
  • Highest update frequency
  • Secure Boot
  • Encrypted Filesystem
  • Signed Linux Kernel
  • Vulnerability Scanning (CVE)

Edge Computing Capabilities

  • Fog capabilities
  • Easiest Integration with DevOps tools
  • State of the Art industrial solution
  • Easy applications deployment

The Secure Element for highest security standards

  • Secure Element for hardware based and tamper proof cryptography
  • Usable from your IoT application via SDK
  • Update capability of SE Applets

Various Managed PKI Options

  • One PKI per customer
  • Certificate based mutual authentication, simply delivered as a Service (zero conf)
  • Passwordless Authentication via smartcard/yubikey

Docker Orchestration

  • Fast and reliable development and deployment of your applications
  • Optimized Container for edge computing solutions
  • Appbundle-Tool for building and signing docker-container

Capabilities for easy Updating

  • based
  • Secure OTA updates
  • Fallback Mechanism
  • Full Image updates

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