KeyBRIDGE 4100
The Automotive Trust Anchor

KeyBRIDGE 4100

The Trust Anchor to secure the entire Vehicle Life Cycle from the Factory to the Road

  • Unifying and protecting production components
  • End-to-end Security for device attestation and data exchange
  • Built-in FIPS-certified HSM
  • Highest Availability
Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Unify and Protect all Components along the entire Production Chain

Establish a central device attestation including signing with cryptographically secured keys. Make sure that key injection runs smoothly and manage keys securely.


End-to-End Security for the whole Ecosystem

Validate the authenticity of all components of the value chain. Secure all information as well as their exchange at each access point.


Tokenization and Masking of Sensitive Data

Ensure the data privacy of all parties involved such as may users, suppliers or manufacturers.



The Trust Anchor to secure the entire Vehicle Life Cycle



KeyBRIDGE 4100 is the ideal single product response to meet the challenges faced by OEMs (Tier-1, Tier-2), manufacturers, after-sales services providers, insurance companies and other elements within the automotive infrastructure who are increasingly confronted with crypto and data security as well as compliance requirements.

The authenticity of parts and information must be ensured at each access point and with every information exchange .

To meet the various use cases related to device attestation, KeyBRIDGE 4100 provides native key management and key injection functions. This simplifies key management and key injection  and helps to efficiently ensure the integrity of parts.

At the same time, using effective and easy to use data desensitization mechanisms, KeyBRIDGE 4100 ensures the security of sensitive data of r suppliers and customers as well as any own data.

FIPS-certified Key Generation

  • FIPS certified hardware based TRNG (true random number generator)
  • Performs secure key generation and distribution for injection into ECUs according to FIPS 140-2 L3

Secure Key Distribution

  • Secures distribution of keys to an infinite number of tier providers
  • Manages and tracks all keys effectively
  • Use RESTful API in an interoperable fashion with various third-party systems by using JSON Schema

Reliable Device Attestation

  • Ensures the authenticity of parts and information at each access point and with every information exchange
  • Detect counterfeit parts
  • Benefit from easy key management and key injection

Logical Segregation and Role-Based Access Control

  • Maintains the full safety and auditability over keys
  • Organises and segregates keys for Electronic Control Units (ECUs)
  • Centrally control the auditable role-based access of keys

High Compatibility

  • Standard key types (symmetric (AES/TDES) and asymmetric (X.509 Certificates) keys)
  • Easily integrate KeyBRIDGE 4100 into an existing environment through using Restful APIs
  • Benefit from the backward compatibility with customers system for the authenticity of the legacy keys


  • Let your crypto experience be an easy one using the graphical interface
  • Enables untrained staff to execute crypto processes

Highest Availability

  • Minimizes downtimes
  • Benfit from 99,999% general system availability
  • Be aware by the central alert management

Easy Scalability

  • Personalize securely billions of digital endpoints
  • Add further KeyBRIDGE 4100 devices as the number of keys is growing


  • By using quantum-safe algorithms, this ensures that the user is able to  meet future challenges and concerns brought by Quantum Computers.


Secure key storage and cryptographic processing for common business applications

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