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Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

Deep Dark Web Investigation & Digital Risk Protection

Ransomware attacks, account takeover and supply chain disruptions are now more common than ever before. Data is critical to organizations, but it’s also extremely valuable to cybercriminals.

In our ever-increasing digital and interconnected society, attack surfaces have multiplied, resulting in unwanted consequences where cyber criminals now have even more opportunity to carry out attacks. If information cannot be seen, then it cannot be controlled. However, there are always indicators of organized attacks if you are able to look in the right places. Deep, dark web investigation provides access to in-depth investigations to counter attacks, including digital risk protection that can help monitor the deep and dark web for digital threats, expand detection and response capabilities, as well as providing invaluable threat intelligence tools.

The Deep Dark Web System (DDWS) has been especially designed to support analysts and investigators with powerful and sophisticated dark web monitoring tools and automation. Our mission is to prevent criminals from profiting off stolen data, ultimately making the internet a safer place.

UTIMACO is one of the few companies worldwide, which combines cybersecurity excellence with expertise in digital evidence creation, based on its strong engineering focus and 25+ years’ experience and innovation.

Applications for Deep and Dark Web Monitoring


Hunting Dark Web drug traffickers

Enabling organizations and Law Enforcement Agencies to investigate criminal activities, such as fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering, cyber attacks, exploits or vulnerabilities efficiently on Dark Web


Detection of Dark Web threats targeting VIPs

Protecting VIPs such as public figures, celebrities, or politicians from becoming potential targets of criminal activities like fraud or cybercrime


Detection of Dark Web threats to critical infrastructure

Successful cyberattacks can bring internal systems to a standstill, cause financial losses, and, in the worst-case scenario, result in the loss of human lives


Prevention of data leaks and scanning data breaches

Check if your company has been affected by a data breach or if your online platforms are targeted by illegal activities and take immediate actions to prevent a major data leak.


Protect your customers against phishing attacks

Detect and suppress phishing attempts by identifying imitations of your domain – protecting your customers and employees from possible attacks.


Identification of credit cards in the carding market

Regularly scan illegal carding markets in the deep and dark web. Identify affected cards from your institute to block them and inform their holders as soon as possible.

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