Deep Dark Web Credit Cards

Identification of credit cards in the carding market


The Utimaco Deep Dark Web System (DDWS) is an innovative Digital Risk Protection & Dark web monitoring platform that automates the monitoring of the surface, deep and Dark Web. The tool enables banks and financial institutes to scan and monitor forums, marketplaces, and illegal carding markets in the Deep and Dark Web for stolen (credit) card data.


Stealing and trading with credit card and payment card data in the dark net is common. There are numerous so-called carding markets that exist which are an important tool for criminals looking to buy or sell information. You can find data sorted by location, BIN and even credit limit. Each year these markets are represented by millions of cards for sale resulting in potential financial losses for their original owners. The card number, CVV and even data encrypted into the card’s magnetic stripe are no longer secured.

The challenge

Banks and financial institutions cannot completely prevent the theft of payment card data. In this case, a strong recommendation would be one that mitigates this risk by actively monitoring the illegal market. This would ensure that their customers can be informed in good time if they suspect a data breach.

The solution

Utimaco DDWS provides the ability to scan illegal carding markets in the Deep and Dark Web. Identifying the affected cards of organizations will enable them to block cards, inform the owners, take necessary action and ultimately, to mitigate long-term financial repercussions. In DDWS, organizations can create automatic searches based on BIN, name, address, type, country, or bank. If they find a card from their organization, they can take further action or directly identify it with the given data and a procedure of exclusion.

Key takeaways

  • Credit card and payment card data are the most common targets for cyber criminals
  • Utimaco DDWS allows financial institutions to search within illegal carding markets and marketplaces for data related to their institute
  • Equipped with this information, banks and financial institutes can block cards and inform holders immediately, preventing major losses for their customers and themselves

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