Deep Dark Web Data breach

Prevention of data leaks and scanning of data breaches


The Utimaco Deep Dark Web System (DDWS) is an innovative Digital Risk Protection & Dark web monitoring platform that automates the monitoring of the surface, deep and Dark Web. The tool enables companies and organizations to scan and monitor data breaches and data dumps exposed on the Deep and Dark Web.


Organizations and their data have become an increasing target for cybercriminals. A growing concern is that most companies discover far too late that they have been affected by a data breach: for example, in 2021, a data breach cost companies $4.24 million, taking 287 days to identify and contain it.* Therefore, this response period needs to be significantly reduced.

*Source: Cost of a Data Breach Report 2021, by IBM Security & the Ponemon Institute, 2021

The challenge

The challenge for many organizations is how to find out if they have been affected by a data breach and to identify the type of data that has been exposed.
Most of the time, companies only found out about a data breach when it has already reached the public. By then, they must act quickly and contain the data breach while the business communication department is busy preparing statements. Ideally, companies should know in advance if they have been affected by a data breach, take immediate countermeasures, and thoroughly prepare their communication strategy. However, this is a hard task as data breaches are published on parts of the Internet which are not indexed in regular search engines and are difficult to access.

Another major challenge is the time and resources required to analyze the content in these markets, filtering and extracting this into evidence material. Police and LEAs are working relentlessly to demolish these illegal marketplaces, once an existing market is taken down, a new one is established, which has become the new normal.

The solution

Utimaco DDWS provides organizations with enterprise-level risk assessment and visibility. It offers access to data breaches published in the deep and dark web, enabling the user to scan these for any compromised business credentials which could exploit an organization for extortion, fraud, identity theft, or other criminal activities. Proactive monitoring allows companies to recognize if they have been affected by a data breach or if their online platforms are being targeted for illegal activities. Equipped with this information, organizations can take immediate actions to prevent a major data leak.

Key takeaways

  • Regarding data breaches, it’s important for companies to act quickly and contain the data breach as fast as possible
  • Utimaco DDWS automatically scans the deep and dark web for your search parameters, so you will be directly informed if any confidential data has been leaked
  • With Utimaco DDWS companies can better assess the risk of potential data breaches

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