Deep Dark Web Phishing

Protect your customers against phishing attacks


The Utimaco Deep Dark Web System (DDWS) is an innovative Digital Risk Protection & Dark web monitoring platform that automates the monitoring of the surface, deep and Dark Web. The tool enables companies and organizations to scan and monitor the Internet for all domain data, including newly registered and deleted domains.


Phishing attacks are accountable for most data breaches. Using this method, criminals usually target the weakest spot of a system: the human. As a result, criminals impersonate an official email from the company to successfully trick employees or customers into providing credentials such as usernames, passwords, or personal information to gain access to corporate systems. This is not only harmful to the customers, because they unintentionally reveal important data, it is also a threat to the organization's reputation.

The challenge

It is very difficult for companies to prevent phishing attacks as they usually target single persons, like employees, customers, or business partners. The companies have little to no influence on the actions of these individuals. Therefore, it would be best practice to know about potential phishing attacks in advance to either take the suspicious domains down or to inform and warn customers, employees and partner about the potential deception attempts to steal data.

The solution

Utimaco DDWS enables companies to scan existing domains, including those that are newly registered or deleted. DDWS also recognizes false or similar spellings of the company or brand. When a compromise is detected, the organization can take direct legal action to shut down websites, block incoming emails from suspicious domains, and warn customers and employees about specific attempts of deception, thereby avoiding a potentially costly and widespread data breach.

In this way, organizations not only prevent phishing attacks and data breaches, but also position themselves to prioritize the security of their customers’ data.

Key takeaways

  • Even if your company is not to blame for phishing attempts, it still reflects negatively on your brand.
  • Phishing can be prevented when the target audience is well informed about potential attacks in advance
  • Utimaco DDWS lets you scan existing and deleted domains for false or similar spellings of your company, brand, or product names – this way you know if phishing attempts can occur

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