Random Number Generation

Random Number Generation

Key Protection supported by Random Number Generation (RNG)

Within certain industries, such as the financial services sector and lottery and gaming industry, there is a need to ensure real-time availability of data for payment transactions, electronic documents and applications, while at the same time, the necessity to protect sensitive customer data as well as proprietary information. These highly regulated industries are also faced with increasing levels of stringent compliance and demanding IT processes.

Securing digital assets is more important than ever. Cybersecurity infrastructures are based on the exchange and use of digital cryptographic keys. Random numbers are critical as they are used to generate the keys which are used for encrypting data and are generated by a process where the outcome is unpredictable and cannot be reproduced.

Using a hardware-based source of entropy for RNG, Utimaco HSMs implement a hybrid random number generator complying with DRG.4 requirements, the highest level of security for DRG.

Business value

Business value


Secure & Compliant Quantum Random Number Generation

  • A Hash-based deterministic random number generator (DRG.4 acc. AIS 31)
  • A True random number generator (PTG.2 acc. AIS 31)
  • Provides secure key storage and processing inside the HSM, as encrypted key blobs in file system or in enterprise-grade database
  • Meets FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and 4 certifications
  • Physical security through active tamper protection

Scalable and flexible

  • Flexibly applicable for numerous applications, including e.g. public key infrastructures
  • Easy to integrate (e.g. via PKCS#11)
  • Available as a PCIe plug-in card or as network-attached appliance.
  • Up to 10,000 RSA or 6,000 ECDSA signing operations in bulk processing mode
  • PKI can be managed on-premise or cloud-based.
  • Cryptographic eXtended services Interface (CXI) - ensures easy integration of cryptographic functionality into applications

Remote Access

  • Extensive mechanisms for remote administration
  • Efficient key management and firmware updates via remote access
  • Automation of remote diagnosis via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol

Software Simulator included

Included simulator allowing for evaluation and integration testing to benchmark the best possible solution for each specific case

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