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Securing the most valuable Assets in the Automobile Life Cycle

Cars are becoming more digitized, increasing the need for cybersecurity solutions to protect operational and personal data. As not just the car itself but also its parts, manufacturer and related service getting more and more connected, the number of vulnerabilities and potential security and threat vectors arise.

The connected car exchanges data in an increasing extend with other cars vehicles-to-vehicle communication (V2V) or with its infrastructure elements, e.g. with a mobile phone (vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I).

Even the information exchange about hazards on the route ahead or transport information (vehicle-to-everything (V2X) is no longer a future scenario. The resulting number of touchpoints provides an equal number of possible data security gaps which can lead to data loss or the stealth and misuse of personal data. This also extends to third parties like insurance companies who need access to the data collected by the car. Securing, the digital components including unique identification for it’s full life cycle such as updates, recalls and sun setting is crucially important. The data anonymization to meet the regulations such as GDPR becomes increasingly important for the safety of the driver and passengers.

Trusted Processes

Applications for Trusted Digital End-to-End Processes


Qualified Electronic Signatures & Seals

Digital identities are critical for security of a constant purely digital business relationship which is based on a continuous transmission of data where there are privacy concerns as to how it should be managed. Digital signatures leverage PKI certificates to offer the highest levels of security and universal acceptance in compliance with regulations such as eIDAS.


Multi Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication securely restricts access to the service infrastructure and reliably identifies the user. Hardware security modules (HSMs) generate, manage and store the secure cryptographic keys required for authenticating a user or device in a broader network.


Key Injection

The route to secure identity commences during the manufacturing process when components are enhanced through cryptographic key injection. Key injection gives every device an identity and needs to be generated by an HSM.


Machine Identity Management & Security of IoT Components

Key injection- giving each component a unique electronic identity, increasing the authenticity of the device. With a unique ID, delivered by key injection, IT system administrators can track the device throughout its lifecycle, monitoring and revoking privileges, as required.


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

PKI ensures confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of sensitive financial, personal or automotive usage information. Encrypting data at rest and in transit guards it against theft or tampering, and guarantees that digital identity provides secure authentication of users and applications to protect against fraud.


Data and Database Encryption

Effective database security has become increasingly important- without a comprehensive strategy, a great deal of sensitive data could be at risk. Database encryption using HSMs protects and secure sensitive data.


Cloud Service Architecture

A hybrid cloud solution embraces the V2X infrastructure in an agile, seamlessly and secure environment. There is a requirement to ensure that data transfer from and to the Cloud service for all incoming and outgoing connections is encrypted.


Multi-cloud Key Management

A consideration for multiple areas of jurisdiction is required due to cross-border traffic such as the mobility of the vehicle and cloud-based servers of the manufacturers, including their world-wide service ecosystems. Bring-your-own-key concept allows to securely and remotely generate & manage keys across the hybrid cloud and the complete life cycle, retaining full control over the driver’s and the vehicle data, and assuring data security and privacy at any time and at any location.


5G Security

In the automotive world, manufacturer to vehicle communication, vehicle to vehicle communication and communication between the customer and the automatove service provider will strongly build on 5G. Industry-grade HSM-protected 5G creates secure channels for distribution of virtualized service deployments.



Tokenization turns sensitive data into an unrecognizable string of characters that will provide no value to the hacker even if breached. It is a strong tool to protect communication and transactions along the digital value chain.


Post Quantum Crypto Agility

In the automotive world, standards are just emerging and are likely to evolve over the next few years. Security infrastructure for both vehicles and manufacturers need to be agile to be able change security policies and algorithms without changing the hardware whenever needed and without significant cost or time implications. Crypto-agility is a necessity for the automotive services infrastructure to be able to evolve in the advent of a new generation of attacks and consequently evolving cryptographic standards and algorithms.



Working with dynamic vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) networks in connection with automotive service providers and customers, blockchain architecture is evolving into an industry disruptor for automotive security. The integration of HSMs into a blockchain solution secures the privacy and security that may be lost by distributing proprietary software to an untrusted network of blockchain operators. By storing private keys and data within the HSM, data integrity and user authentication can be dramatically improved. Proprietary code can even be stored and run fully within an HSM to protect intellectual property.

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