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Building reliable cybersecurity solutions for Lottery & Gaming

Within the lottery and gaming industry, innovative companies are exploring ways to connect the physical retail and digital experience for customers – electronic receipts, push notifications, keeping the customer engaged and at times, rewarding along the way.

Mobile apps are seen as an asset to this communication and give added value in many aspects – allowing the customer ease of access to online games and lottery as well as providing the company with streamlined ways of communicating to the customer. Furthermore, mobile apps provide the company with a powerful instrument for insights into player behaviour – big data – which ultimately drives sales and marketing.

In a multi-billion dollar global industry, combating, preventing and reducing the impact of cybercrime and online fraud is of paramount importance – gaming software, mobile apps, live gaming feeds, chatbots, payment gateways, user interfaces, and not forgetting – a huge abundance of financial information and customer data.
Given the severe consequences of a security breach, it’s critical to build an infrastructure on reliable and proven cryptographic cybersecurity solutions for lottery and gaming.

Solutions for Lottery & Gaming


Secure Digital Transformation

Reinventing a customer-centric experience by creating a digital-first customer journey.

Online gambling platforms bring together personal information, consumer habits and payment transaction details. This fusion of essential customer data creates a perfect environment for various cybercriminals to develop.


Payment Security & Data Privacy

A company’s reputation and success greatly depend on mitigating risks such as fraud and manipulation, theft of personal data, account or payment card information, as well as insider threats.

Data Protection laws and regulations such as the US Data Protection Act or the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have been created to protect personal data of individuals.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies and requires that payment card information must always be protected when in use, in motion and at rest.


Big Data Analytics & Privacy in the Hybrid Cloud

Predictive analytics will expose trends of behaviour and common demographics and characteristics, resulting in revised and targeted marketing strategies, service delivery and distribution models, product range, risk selection and targeted campaigns.

The hybrid cloud allows the data and the related analytical workload to be positioned where it makes the most sense in terms of business requirements. The information privacy and security is managed and controlled consistently across all the systems of the hybrid cloud environments.

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