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Reliable cybersecurity solutions for Lottery & Gambling

In the last decade, the lottery and gambling industry has shifted to the online world, which has increased in popularity and significantly increased the total market volume and revenue. As a result, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the industry. With everything being digital for customers, from onboarding, money transfer, and payouts, it also provides many attack surfaces.

For companies operating in this industry, it is important to be aware of these attack vectors and perform a stress test on their infrastructure, as a data breach can cause substantial damage to the company's reputation and lead to a significant loss of customers.

Additionally, Lottery and gambling organizations must fulfill strict rules and compliance regulations in order to secure the protection of not only their customers’ money but also their personal information. Given the severe consequences of a security breach, it is critical to build an infrastructure for lottery and gambling based on reliable and proven cryptographic cybersecurity solutions.

Use cases

Use cases for Lottery & Gambling


On-premise Data Security for Lottery & Gambling

Ensuring the protection of data at rest, in use, and in motion with reliable encryption and access management – including certified solutions for classified data handling.


Digital Payment Security & Crypto Currency Transactions

Ensuring secure digital payment transactions fulfilling the PCI DSS framework and protecting confidentiality and integrity, including securing blockchain assets and crypto wallets for digital currency transactions.


Security for Cloud-stored Data for Lottery & Gambling

Enabling the same security levels for data stored in the cloud as on-premises – including encryption, access management, and data authentication.


Digital Customer Onboarding

Protecting the personal and sensitive data of customers during digital onboarding, including age verification, identity checks, and data verification.


Fulfilling Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements

Political bodies require anti-money laundering directives which need to be fulfilled by organizations that are dealing within the financial sector, explicitly meaning a Know Your Customer (KYC) process.


Reliable Proof in Time for Submission of Bets and Cash-outs

Create qualified and acknowledged timestamps of events to prove that transactions have not been manipulated after a specific point in time.

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