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Rapid innovation has taken place in online gaming payments, including faster deposits and seamless withdrawals, one-click features, and built in biometrics.

Customers expect to have a fast and seamless online experience, whether they are placing bets, depositing funds or withdrawing winnings, and in turn, companies are expected to support a smooth user journey whilst minimizing fraud.

Collecting and processing customers’ personal data has become more challenging and important than ever and this includes the adoption of internationally recognized standards concerning data privacy and information security.

Despite comprehensive security features, criminals may still exploit certain vulnerabilities- fraud and card theft remain to be high security concerns and therefore, secure payments methods and additional layers of security need to be considered to prevent and detect potential data theft.

Trusted Processes

Applications for Trusted Digital End-to-End Processes


Hardware Security Modules - The Root of Trust

A non-penetrable and certified Hardware Security Module (HSM) assures non-tempered encryption of data, protected digital identities and secure public key infrastructures. This gives the foundation for a trustworthy and secure gaming and lottery infrastructure.

A HSM is a physical computing device that safeguards and manages digital keys for strong authentication, and that provides crypto processing. The code, data, and keys of an HSM are collectively considered a Root of Trust.


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

PKI ensures confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of sensitive information. Encrypting data at rest and in transit guards it against theft or tampering, and guarantees that digital identity provides secure authentication of users and applications to protect against fraud.


Secure Electronic Payment Services and Open Banking

Important new entrants in the transaction landscape are Payment Service Providers- third party companies that provide services to manage payments. It is essential that payments are processed in a safe and reliable way. Therefore, ensuring a secure and compliant integration into open banking APIs is critical.

Utimaco’s PSD2 compliant HSM applications provide streamlined and proven process integration.


PCI Compliant Payment Card Processing

From Merchant’s Points of Sales, mobile devices and ATMs, Utimaco covers the complete chain of PIN encryption, authorization, PIN translation and Key Management through Acquirers, Switches and Issuers. Utimaco’s Atalla Division invented encrypted PIN and ATM messages in the 1970s and has led the evolution of standards and innovation ever since.


Data and Database Encryption

Effective database security has become increasingly important- without a comprehensive strategy, a great deal of sensitive data could be at risk. Database encryption using HSMs protects and secure sensitive data.


Digital Signatures

Digital signatures leverage PKI certificates to offer the highest levels of security for regulated and sensitive document use cases like account openings, and agreements as well as modernization of internal administrative electronic processing. In compliance with regulations such as eIDAS, they also provide legal assertion.


Multi Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication securely restricts access to the lottery infrastructure and reliably identifies the user. Hardware security modules (HSMs) generate, manage and store the secure cryptographic keys required for authenticating a user or device in a broader network.



Tokenization turns financial data, such as a credit card number, into an unrecognizable string of characters that will provide no value to the hacker even if breached. It is a strong tool to protect communication and transactions along the digital value chain.



With 5G networks being built on software based models, ensuring security from the infrastructure layer to the application layer is an essential factor for consideration. HSM-protected 5G creates secure channels between devices and the gaming & lottery industry.



The integration of HSMs into a blockchain solution secures the privacy and security that may be lost by distributing proprietary software to an untrusted network of blockchain operators. By storing private keys and data within the HSM, data integrity and user authentication can be dramatically improved. Proprietary code can even be stored and run fully within an HSM to protect intellectual property.


Post Quantum Crypto Agility (Future Proofs and PQC)

At this time, no quantum computer can run quantum algorithms, however once they are able to, these computers will decimate the security infrastructure of the digital economy. Post-quantum crypto-agility is a necessity for the financial services infrastructure to be able to evolve in the advent of a new generation of attacks and consequently evolving cryptographic standards and algorithms.

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