Utimaco’s Payment Hardware Security modules work as a root of trust

Retailers store and process a large amount of sensitive customer data and confidential information, includingPersonal Identifiable Information (PII), financial credentials, user names and passwords, making them extremely vulnerable to cyber-crimes.

The typical cybersecurity attacks in retail are ransomware, data breaches, credential phishing, website hacking, and DDoS attacks, just to name a few. The consequences of these types of cyber-crimes are always the same for the retailer – financial loss, reputational damage, fines, and potential legal action from customers.

To protect themselves from cybercrimes, retailers need to update their legacy security systems, and encrypt their point-of-sale, card systems, and processors.

By providing HSMs with strong physical and logical security, Utimaco delivers trusted digital end-to-end processes, ranging from PCI compliant payment card processing, bank card issuing, and cardholder authentication through to tokenization of payment data and blockchain solutions.

Use cases for Retail


On-premise Data Security in Retail

Reliable data protection solutions to enable the compliant usage of customer data for data-driven analytics and market research, as well as compliant storage of personal and financial data.


Security for Cloud-stored Data in Retail

Data security in the cloud enables real-time tracking and data analysis inventories to enhance the customer experience while mitigating data breaches and loss.


Securing Cash Desk Systems

As part of a digital environment and connected to central systems, cash desk systems are vulnerable to attacks. To perform secure cashless payment transactions, adequate protection is crucial in order to secure information and data used throughout this process.


Payment security

With the wide variety of digital payments available to customers, to ensure payment security, retailers need to invest in a robust root of trust, such as a payment HSM.


Authentication and identification

In retail, secure digital authentication and identification prior to the execution of financial transactions is essential. This ensures protection against unauthorized access to customer accounts, data, applications, and disruption to financial services.

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