Classified data protection

Confidentiality and Data Protection with YubiKey Token

About the integration

This Integration Guide describes how to enhance Utimaco LAN Crypt with YubiKey Token and MFA.

YubiKey Token

The YubiKey is a hardware authentication device manufactured by Yubico. Think of it as a tiny “safe” that can store logon information securely and independently from any computer. It comes in various form factors ranging from a token big enough to be attached to a keyring to the smallest models that are so small they hardly protrude from a device once inserted in the USB port. YubiKey does not require a battery nor extra software to be installed on the host device. Just plug it into a USB port or use NFC and you’re ready to go..

How can you enhance LAN Crypt with MFA? LAN Crypt is a client-side encryption solution that provides file-level encryption. Its powerful key and policy management functionality supports data using different keys for business, personal and shared data. Keys assigned to a particular user are encrypted using standardized private key cryptography. Only a user in control of the private key can access those keys. Hence protection of the private key is paramount. The YubiKey token is an ideal solution for safekeeping private keys. When used, two separate authentication factors are required – knowledge and possession –thus strengthening the general level of security.

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