Utimaco named the Overall Leader and Top Implementer in the HSM Market by ABI Research

The latest Hardware Security Module OEM competitive assessment by global technology intelligence firm ABI Research, announced Utimaco as the overall leader in the HSM market.

ABI Research Findings

ABI’s report assessed six HSM vendors in two criteria categories: present-day implementation and forward-looking innovation potential. 

Utimaco is leading the market with its Hardware Security Modules

Award Banner Overall Leader

The latest ABI report established Utimaco as an overall leader in the HSM market due to the:

  • Complete and diverse range of HSM solution offerings,
  • Realisation of the vision for a converged HSM platform offering for all applications,
  • Focus on the operational side of HSMs and how the resulting applications can be customised, deployed, and managed in line with changing customer needs.

“No other vendor currently offers this level of diversity, and Utimaco is unique in this regard.” - ABI Research says. 

“Utimaco is proud to be named the overall leader and top implementer in the HSMs market”, said Mario Galatovic, Vice President Products at Utimaco. “At Utimaco we focus on todays and tomorrow’s customer challenges and build solutions which are easy to integrate whilst ensuring the highest level of security and certification. This key strength makes us a trusted partner around the world.”


Award Banner Top Implementer

Utimaco ranked first in the implementation category among all evaluated vendors.

“In large part, this is because it offers the most complete and diverse range of HSM solutions, serving all types of applications, at all price points (from entry-level to top of the line), and in various form factors.” - ABI explains.

ABI states this is possible because Utimaco has worked from the basis of building a uniform underlying hardware platform upon which various (and multiple) firmware stacks and software options can be added, and which include cloud ready Application Program Interfaces (APIs). Through this, Utimaco is able to offer converged HSM solutions which can be used for singular or for multiple applications (payment and general purpose) and be both PCI-HSM and FIPS 140-3 compliant (or none at all if not required).

“In terms of available security algorithms, Utimaco offers the whole gamut of cryptographic capabilities in encryption, key authentication, hashes, named curves, and RNG. Importantly, within its crypto API offering is the possibility for clients to load their own proprietary algorithms.” - ABI commented.


According to the report - “Utimaco’s strength lies in the way that its HSMs can be easily configured through the offer of numerous software and firmware stacks, both for general purpose and payment applications. This flexible approach for loading applications enables clients to mix as well as change applications throughout the lifetime of their HSM use. This flexibility allows for a natural extension into cloud deployments.”

In addition, Utimaco offers options for a whole host of new use cases, including IoT use cases and crypto-agility capabilities (e.g., for PQC).

For more information about the Hardware Security Module OEM competitive assessment by ABI Research, visit their website.

Don’t forget to check Utimaco’s complete and diverse portfolio of HSM solutions. A wide range of general purpose and payment applications allows you to support any combination of firmware and software options across different deployment models (on-premises, cloud and hybrid). This will help you choose a solution that fits your needs.

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