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u.trust LAN Crypt for Apple Mac

What is u.trust LAN Crypt for Apple Mac? 

u.trust LAN Crypt for macOS turns your Mac computer into a secure endpoint device for u.trust LAN Crypt systems. This allows you to open and use encrypted files from the company network based on the permissions assigned to you, just like with your other endpoint devices.


  • For the user, the encryption is unnoticeable and occurs in the background
  • Supports manual file decryption 
  • Importing of keys and rules from your existing u.trust LAN Crypt infrastructure 
  • Supports automatic policy refresh 
  • Right-click info for revealing a file's encryption status or manual decryption 
  • Information about client status, policies and keys 
  • Optional use of smart card-based keys Support for network directories 
  • Support for Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive 
  • Compatible with Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise File Encryption modules 
  • Available in German and English versions 

Note: u.trust LAN Crypt Clients are available on Mac and Windows as well as iOS/iPadOS and Android.

System Requirements

macOS 13, 12, 11 (M1 & Intel); 10.15

Product Description

u.trust LAN Crypt for macOS enables cross-platform access to encrypted files in the company. From the SME through to the enterprise organization.

  • Supports login with smart card
  • Access to files in network directories and Microsoft OneDrive 

Security Administration 

The sophisticated administration concept enables quick and uncomplicated integration into your IT security architecture, allowing Mac computers to be used conveniently in the company. 

  • Push installation by means of MDM/UEM solutions
  • A user is authorized by assigning a unique "key group" to a user profile
  • Integrated logging for effective administration

User Convenience

  • No changes need to be made to work environments or work habits
  • For the user, the data is encrypted/decrypted transparently in the background
  • Manual decryption of files via right-click
  • Optimized performance for encryption and decryption of protected data on a client
  • Online help


  • Proven, tried, and tested security algorithms
  • User authentication using X.509 certificates

Agile Data Requires Flexible Encryption

Working with confidential data on different platforms requires a standardized level of security. The protection must dynamically adapt to all of the movements in order to keep data confidential. This can achieved only if there is a persistent end-to-end encryption, as offered by u.trust LAN Crypt - even on Apple Mac.

u.trust LAN Crypt

To protect confidential files effectively, the u.trust LAN Crypt encryption solution uses an automatic file encryption process. A user is authorized to access the encrypted data by assigning their profile to a unique key group.

  • Data and directories on endpoint devices and servers are encrypted invisibly in the background
  • Clients are available for Mac, Windows, iOS/iPadOS, and Android
  • End-to-end protection regardless of storage location thanks to persistent data encryption - even in transit
  • Easy and central policy management on the basis of existing directory or domain structures
  • Clear separation of roles between systems administrators and security administrators

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