Public safety communications emergency management

Emergency Management Systems - Strengthening National Resilience

Terrorist attacks, bomb threats, natural disasters, biological risks, and health crises have underlined the importance of effective Public Warning Systems. This enables public officials to rapidly alert the public and inform them of an imminent crisis or an impending disaster.

In certain events, regional or local buildings and areas need to be evacuated as quickly as possible. Safety officers and crisis managers need to instantly prepare, orchestrate and help people in need of assistance to evacuate the location quickly and efficiently in the event of major risks to the life and safety of people.

To maximise the reach and effectiveness of alerting the population who are at risk, a ‘Crowd Management’ platform can locate the number of people who are in the target area which can be viewed via a dashboard and assessed for necessary action. The platform provides a complete view of the incident, including location, communication channels used, messages, critical task status, and necessary strategy. This includes the number of safety officers as well as persons in need of additional assistance.

Utimaco’s Crowd Management Platform - u.warn - adapts to the various needs of each entity via a variety of delivery channels, including cell broadcast, location-based SMS, customised apps, desktop alerts, email and more.

To inform all individuals at risk of the necessary action required, messages can be sent to all mobile phones in the target area, providing authenticated emergency and life-saving information, and sent in various languages depending upon personal phone settings.

By providing transparency of emergency situations at point of location, a Crowd Management solution revolutionizes the ability to warn and inform people who are in immediate danger, and help keep people safe.

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