Location-based alarming on private 5G networks Keyvisual

Location-based alarming on private 5G networks

Instant incident detection and alerting in private 5G networks

A private 5G network is a 5G cellular environment for the exclusive use of a single organization. It is typically designed to meet requirements such as high reliability, privacy, and interference-free communication of IoT devices.

As such, the use cases for private 5G networks are diverse, ranging from large seaports or airports using it for internal communication and workflow optimization to enterprise use.

Private 5G networks are widely used in smart manufacturing for a secure and reliable way of communication between smart devices, sensors, manufacturing plants, robots, and vehicles. In the event of a disruption, these private 5G networks could also be used for location-based alerts. With a Critical Event Management system of Utimaco together with u.warn CBC or u.warn LB-SMS capabilities in place, dedicated alert messages can be sent to everyone in the network in an instance. For example, if there is a serious accident with dangerous smoke development at a manufacturing site.

In this way, not only can people be alerted and provided with shelter and safety information, but it is also possible to trigger automated processes for all devices connected to the network, such as shutting down the production or sending warning messages to available screens. Because 5G networks are highly reliable and always available, organizations can be confident that their alerts will be received.

Smart cities can also integrate their Critical Event Management into the private 5G network: In the event of an emergency, private 5G networks can be used to orchestrate crowd management, alert information, traffic optimization for evacuation purposes, and showing safe routes to shelter.

Discover Utimaco’s Critical Event Management solution to implement a location-based alarming into your private 5G network and benefit from instant incident detection and response.



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