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Automotive Trust Suite
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How Secure are connected vehicles?

Given the increasing complexity of the connected vehicle, It is critical to protect smart components and devices from the time they are manufactured until the end of their lifecycle.
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Understanding the Role of Hardware Security Modules in Symmetric Key Encryption

Organizations face an ever-present risk of data breaches as digital transformations continue to flourish in the business scape. Encryption plays a critical part in mitigating business risks and keeping data safe.
Understanding Supply Chain Attacks - How to Protect Your Supply
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Understanding Supply Chain Attacks - How to Protect Your Supply

Supply chain attacks threatened the interconnectedness of global markets. It is common for multiple customers to rely on the same supplier. Therefore, a single cyberattack could potentially have a large-scale national or cross-border impact.
Understanding Supply Chain Attacks - What You Need to Know
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Understanding Supply Chain Attacks - What You Need to Know

Supply chain attacks are nothing new. However, these attacks have become more organized since the early part of 2020. Now, cybercriminals have turned their focus to suppliers versus organizations to make a far greater impact with damages.
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Vendor Consolidation

It is a common saying that too much of a good thing can sometimes become a bad thing. Such is the case in what Gartner found in its 2020 CISO Effectiveness Survey. In their responses, 78% of CISOs reported having 16 or more tools in their portfolio of cybersecurity vendors. Even more concerning is that 16% responded that they had 46 or more tools in their cybersecurity vendor portfolios.
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Cyber-Security Mesh in Times of Composable Decentralized IT Architectures

COVID-19 accelerated digital business. However, it was also the impetus behind the acceleration of an increase in digital assets and individuals who are located outside of the typical enterprise infrastructure.
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Identity-First Security and the Importance of Digital Identities

Remote work and cultural shifts have led to a vital requirement for identity-first security to be addressed. While tools like multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) have helped make sign-in processes more secure than simple usernames and passwords, attackers have long since figured out how to defeat them.
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Cyber-Savvy Boards and the Dependency of Scope of Maneuver and IT Security Architecture

The number of high-profile, massive data breaches and cyberattacks continues to grow at an alarming rate and shows no signs of slowing down. This, of course, often leads to increasingly more complex IT security architectures that can be difficult to understand.

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