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eIDAS: The Advantages of QES as compared to AES

Know the main requirements that must be met to be complient for Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signatures with eIDAS electronic transactions in the European internal market.
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Leveraging PSD2, The FinTech Edition

With regulations like PSD2 new players and established leaders in the payments industry must not compromise on security and ease of use.
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Sector Specific Case Studies for eIDAS (Part 1)

eIDAS is a high powerful yet flexible toolset for developers, consultants and companies to build tools to cater to their specific needs. eIDAS helps to meet the unique requirements for each economy sector.
eIDAS & Strong Customer Authentication – Securing Europe’s Digital Payments Landscape
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eIDAS & Strong Customer Authentication – Securing Europe’s Digital Payments Landscape

With compliance in strong customer authentication requirements and secure communication under PSD2 conditions improve the security of your payment services across the European Union.
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It’s all about the Trust – The Role of eIDAS in International Trade and Trade Finance

Banks play a key role in international trade and supply chains are very complex. eIDAS can create trust through qualified electronic signatures and enables different parties to establish a secure trade transaction.
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Secure Transactions with eIDAS

Under eIDAS, the EU aims to facilitate cross-border digital transactions and pave the way for a Digital Single Market. Qualified electronic signatures and seals play a decisive role with this goal. Read in our article how to benefit from eIDAS.
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How high-trust industries are benefiting from e-signatures

Using an e-signature solution with a Hardware Security Module (HSM) ensures that cryptographic keys and digital identities are secured centrally .
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A new era for e-signatures – how eIDAS is shaping the future of high-trust signing

E-signatures provide a fast, secure, efficient and cost-effective alternative to paper signing and the eIDAS regulation ensures legal certainty across the EU with its requirements for Basic, Advanced and Qualified e-signatures.
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Qualified Signature Creation Devices (QSCD) under eIDAS – The example of the Bank-Verlag Signature Activation Module (SAM)

This article looks into how CC-certified and eIDAS-compliant Utimaco HSM integrates with the Bank-Verlag Signature Activation Module (SAM) and helps Bank-Verlag become a TSP.
Auditing blockchain and eIDAS
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Auditing blockchain and eIDAS

The anonymity provided by some blockchains is one of the largest attractions about this technology. For business adoption however it poses problems.
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HSMs in banks - A case for a multi-sourcing strategy for critical tech infrastructure

Supply chain optimization has been one of the primary ways to squeeze a bit more efficiency out of business processes. This has increased risks as the logical conclusion of such unabated cost optimization is often a single sourcing strategy.
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How eIDAS is related to PSD2 & AML4 and relevant for banking & financial services

In this blog post, we will take a look at eIDAS requirements, combined with other legal guidelines and principles as applied in the payment, banking and financial services industry.

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