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Build dynamic web applications with Apache Tomcat – without having to choose between security and performance

Apache Tomcat is a popular open-source web server tool that enables the development of web applications using Java. By implementing Java servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP), developers can create an effective Java server environment.

To ensure a certain level of security for these web applications, the communication between server and client requires a TLS handshake.

Learn how Utimaco’s General Purpose HSM – SecurityServer – secures web applications designed with Apache Tomcat by performing the encryption and decryption processes required for TLS termination of the web applications.

Develop web applications with Apache Tomcat and offload the cryptographic operations to Utimaco HSMs

Utimaco’s General Purpose Hardware Security Modules (HSM) simplify cryptographic key management for Apache Tomcat. The HSM does not only generate cryptographic keys, but also offers a secure, tamper-proof place to store them within its hardened, FIPS-validated environment.

In fact, the HSM allows offloading of SSL termination, which not only frees up space for performance, but it also strengthens the security of the application.

By using Utimaco SecurityServer, Java developers solve the complexity that arises with key management in Apache Tomcat and have a secure place to store keys.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Highest security

Applications are protected against cyberattacks: Cryptographic keys are generated, stored, and managed inside the tamper-proof HSM.


Performance boost

With keys being stored in the HSM instead of the webserver, it frees up processing power for the application itself.


Simplified processes

Cryptographic keys can be centrally managed in one platform.

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