Denmark’s S!RENEN Public Warning System using Utimaco’s u.warn solution is part of the annual STORE HYLEDAG

S!RENEN, the Danish Public Warning System launched last year, is used by the Danish Police for any case of emergency that requires real-time communication to citizens and visitors in a certain area.

Aachen (Germany), 30 April, 2024 – Utimaco, a leading global provider of IT security solutions and public warning systems announced last year that the Danish Ministry of Defense Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) had adopted Utimaco’s u.warn solution module Command Post as the Cell Broadcast Entity (CBE) to manage and control early warnings dissemination in Denmark.  

Command Post is integrated with the 3 Cell Broadcast Centers (CBCs) of the 3 mobile operators in the country. Utimaco u.warn CBC has been also adopted by 3 Denmark as part of the overall S!RENEN system. 

After its successful implementation, S!RENEN has been operationally used last October due to severe weather conditions, and will be part of Denmark’s annual national warning day held on the first Wednesday in May at 12 h noon, this year on 1 May.

Ronen Daniel, Head of Warning Solutions at Utimaco, said: 

“We are proud that our public warning system successfully contributes to increasing public safety and creating trust for Danish citizens, like it does in many other countries. We are constantly working with our Danish partners on improving our solution to provide the best possible protection for the citizens in Denmark and around the world.”

Bjarne Siewertsen, S!RENEN product owner at DEMA, the Danish Emergency Management Agency, said:

“Even though major crises rarely occur in Denmark, it is really important for us to have an efficient and quick way to warn and communicate to the public in Denmark, when they do happen. u.warn Command Post by Utimaco provides us with this ability. We thank Utimaco for the great collaboration, and we’re looking forward to continuing this important collaboration in the years to come.”


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