u.nity Partner Program

Utimaco Launches u.nity Partner Program: Accelerating the Future of Cybersecurity

In the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, the launch of Utimaco's u.nity Partner Program marks a significant milestone, not only for Utimaco and our partners but for the entire cybersecurity community. 

Announced at the RSA Conference 2024, this comprehensive program is designed to transform how resellers bring data protection, key management and secure payments to the forefront of businesses around the globe.

A New Era of Cybersecurity Collaboration

The u.nity Partner Program aims to fortify the capabilities of its partners, maximizing their potential for joint growth in an increasingly complex digital world. By offering cutting-edge technologies tailored for optimal data protection and security, we set a new standard in collaborative cybersecurity solutions.

Joining the program opens a gateway for partners to:

  • Collaborate closely with Utimaco’s security experts, ensuring that customer needs are met swiftly and effectively.
  • Expand their market reach with innovative, differentiated products that stand out for their advanced security features.
  • Leverage an extensive array of sales and marketing tools, gaining unparalleled support and showcasing their offerings’ verified security specifications.

John Dams, Managing Director of Cyberfusion, emphasized the importance of evolving to meet customer security needs, stating, “Working with Utimaco enables us to provide industry-leading technology to more organizations, expanding our reach and solidifying our presence in the cybersecurity landscape.”

Spotlight on Strategic Integration Partners

Highlighting the strength and diversity of its partnerships, Utimaco partners have also proudly announced collaborations with our organization: ShardSecure, Cryptomathic, and Garantir. These partnerships underscore Utimaco's commitment to providing comprehensive, robust data protection solutions with our partner ecosystem to the channel.

ShardSecure & Utimaco: Fortifying Data Protection

The partnership between ShardSecure and Utimaco ushers in a new era of data security, focusing on both unstructured and structured data. By leveraging Utimaco u.trust General Purpose HSMs, ShardSecure ensures highly secure at-rest encryption for their engine's encryption keys, adding a vital layer of defense.

Julian Weinberger of ShardSecure expressed excitement about the tech alliance, noting, “The alliance exemplifies the combination of Utimaco’s extensive portfolio with ShardSecure’s powerful solutions, enhancing data security and market trust.”

Read more about ShardSecure and Utimaco partnership

Cryptomathic & Utimaco: Simplifying Compliance

Cryptomathic deepens its collaboration with Utimaco to provide enterprises with seamless, future-proof security operations, addressing challenges in key management, eSignatures, and secure payments. Anna Russell of Cryptomathic highlighted the importance of protecting digital assets and simplifying compliance in the face of growing digital threats.

Read more about Cryptomathic and Utimaco partnership

Garantir & Utimaco: Compliant Cryptography for All

The partnership between Garantir and Utimaco focuses on delivering cryptography solutions that protect against cybersecurity threats while ensuring compliance with information security standards. This collaboration bridges Utimaco's advanced HSM technology with Garantir’s expertise, creating a secure, unobtrusive business environment.

Looking Forward

The u.nity Partner Program embodies Utimaco’s vision of collaborative growth and innovation in the cybersecurity industry. By joining forces with ShardSecure, Cryptomathic, and Garantir, Utimaco not only broadens the horizons of data protection but also ensures that our partners are well-equipped to face the cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow.

For more information on the innovative strides Utimaco and our partners are making, visit the u.nity Partner Program page. Together, we're providing our customers with a better choice for their business.

Discover how the u.nity Partner Program is setting new standards in key management, data protection, and secure payments solutions, and join us in shaping the future of cybersecurity at the RSA Conference and beyond.

For more details about our presence at RSAC 2024, please visit here


Scott Kemish

Scott Kemish

Global Vice President Channel Sales & Partnerships, Utimaco

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