Secure data storage

Secure data storage

Protecting Data at Rest – at every location and level

Most organizations today generate, process and store vast amounts of data every day. Throughout its journey, this data is then copied, edited, moved, and shared.

As a result, the data ecosystem is made up of many various locations where data is stored. Typical layers include:

  • Application
  • Files and Folders
  • Database
  • Operating system
  • Virtual Storage (cloud)
  • Physical storage

The challenge for secure data storage in an organization is to ensure that all these levels are protected. For example, if the data is secured only at the central database, and if it is copied and stored elsewhere, all security mechanisms would be ineffective.

Utimaco provides persistent encryption solutions that are maintained even when data is copied and moved. Additionally, we provide holistic data protection which includes the secure and reliable generation of cryptographic keys and their (lifecycle) management.

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