5th Applied Crypto Symposium in Silicon Valley - an Executive Summary

At the fifth edition of Utimaco's Applied Crypto Symposium, thought leaders from standardization organizations, global vendors,  consultancy firms and leading financial institutes discussed cyber security risks of post quantum computing and suitable solution scenarios.

The driving question was how to prepare the digital economy to be safe in the quantum era.

Some of the most notable names in the world of quantum cryptography from academia, standardization bodies and industry leaders participated in panel presentations and discussions:

  • Kostas Chalkias, Calibra / Facebook
  • Panos Kampanakis, Cisco
  • Nick Sullivan, Cloudflare
  • Itan Barnes, Deloitte
  • Dr Michele Mosca, Institute for Quantum Computing
  • Rafael Misoczki, Intel
  • Brian LaMacchia, Microsoft Research 
  • Lily Chen, NIST
  • Mark B. Cooper, PKI Solutions
  • Doug Finke, Quantum Computing Report

The Symposium's goals were broken down to:

  • Learn about the threats and challenges associated with quantum cryptography and the implementation of crypto-agility
  • Get up to date on the available quantum-safe solutions in payments, automotive, and blockchain applications from the industry experts
  • Be the first to hear about the latest implementation of the new algorithms and the challenges that come with implementing a PQC roadmap
  • Learn why researchers are choosing Utimaco Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for quantum-safe algorithm implementation.

The following video summarizes what the guest speakers had to say about the status of post-quantum cryptography and the event itself. 


On Utimaco

Utimaco is a leading manufacturer of Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) that provide the Root of Trust to all industries, from financial services and payment to the automotive industry, cloud services to the public sector. Utimaco keeps cryptographic keys and digital identities safe in order to protect critical digital infrastructures and high value data assets. The products enable innovations and support the creation of new business by helping to secure critical data and transactions. Utimaco delivers a comprehensive product family of HSMs. Each of our hardware models can be deployed as a general purpose HSM for easy integration into existing software solutions. They can also be customized to enable the development of new solutions. Utimaco's professional services support customers and partners to implement their solutions.

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Ulrich Scholten is an internationally active entrepreneur and scientist. He holds a PhD in information technology and owns several patents on cloud-based sensors. His research on cloud computing is regularly published in highly rated journals and conference papers. From 2008 - 2015, he was associated research scientist at the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI), a partnership by KIT and IBM, where he researched network effects around web-platforms together with SAP Research.

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