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a digital lock
Blog post

Revolutionizing Data Security: Zero Trust Data Protection

We look at how Zero Trust concepts are applied to data protection for the purpose of providing a proactive approach.
a women holding a mobile phone
Blog post

eSIM security concerns and how to solve them with HSMs

Ensuring security of eSIM and SIM cards has become a key issue in protecting data and communications.
light-blurred road
Blog post

The Opportunities and the Threats of Quantum Computing in the Automotive Industry

We dive into the opportunities that quantum computing offers automotive industry.
card payments security
Blog post

Visa PIN Security Program Update

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity and data protection, Visa has recently announced a significant shift in its approach to PCI PIN.
Blog post

How To Be Prepared for the NIS2 Directive

In this article, we outline how organizations and companies can effectively prepare for NIS2 compliance.
Cloud & Cloud Service Providers Data Security in the Cloud
Blog post

The Importance of Data Encryption on Public Cloud Platforms

Reliance on public cloud platforms for storing, sharing and accessing data has become increasingly prevalent. This data is, however, not as private as users may assume.
Early Warning for Regional Government
Blog post

How to Leverage the Opportunities and Prepare for the Threats of Quantum Computers in the Government Sector

Discover the transformative potential of quantum computing in the government sector. Harness opportunities, tackle threats, and ensure cybersecurity.
Blog post

Accelerating Security in Software-Defined Vehicles with Key Management Solutions

In this article, we look at how key management solutions are crucial in ensuring vehicle security, access control, and operational efficiency.
Macsec in car communication
Blog post

How to achieve secure in-car communication

Here we look at new advancements in technology with a focus on automotive cybersecurity solutions for in-vehicle communication.
Zero Trust Exploits
Blog post

Zero Day Exploits in business software - How to Prepare for, React to and Prevent Disaster

In this article, we look at Zero Day Exploits - cyber attacks that target software vulnerabilities that are unknown to the software or antivirus vendors.
Energy & Utilities
Blog post

How to Leverage the Opportunities and Prepare for the Threats of Quantum Computers in the Energy & Utilities Industry

Quantum computing has emerged as a game-changing technology with the potential to revolutionize various industries.
zero trust signs on lockers
Blog post

Summarizing Zero Trust

In this article, we summarize our earlier 6 part series on Zero Trust, highlighting key principles that have been written as a guidance to help organizations to design and review a zero trust network architecture.

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