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HSM shield
Blog post

11 Reasons Why Utimaco GP HSMs Are The Better Choice

We continuously innovate to provide products, solutions, and services that uphold the highest levels of security and certification.
Data Encryption Teaser
Blog post

The EU Data Act And Its Impact On Your Data Security

The EU Data Act entered into force on 11 January 2024, and it will become applicable in September 2025.
u.nity Partner Program
Blog post

Utimaco Launches u.nity Partner Program: Accelerating the Future of Cybersecurity

This program is designed to transform how resellers bring data protection, key management and secure payments to the forefront of businesses around the globe.
a digital cloud
Blog post

The Future of Trust as a Service: Revolutionizing Data Protection, Secure Payments, and Key Management

Today, we proudly announced an exciting expansion of the Trust as a Service Cloud Marketplace.
Keymanagement for walltes, blockchain
Blog post

Blockchain at Risk: Can Quantum Computing Break Blockchain?

Explore quantum computing's disruptive potential across industries and its challenge to traditional cryptographic systems, including blockchain.
Post Quantum Cryptography
Blog post

The Quantum Revolution vs. Cybersecurity: Ensuring Resilience with Post Quantum Cryptography

Navigating the quantum leap in the cybersecurity domain demands a proactive and agile approach towards quantum-resistant cryptography.
Security for Cashless Payments
Blog post

Exploring the Impact of PSD2 on European Payments: A Comprehensive Overview

PSD2 aims to make payments more secure in Europe while enhancing security, boosting innovation, introducing new technologies, and increasing competition in the payment industry. Timestamping Service
Blog post

Electronic Timestamp: Safeguarding The Integrity of Digital Records

In this article, we delve deeper into the realm of electronic timestamping.
a digital sign
Blog post

Choosing The Right Cybersecurity Tools To Comply With The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

Choosing The Right Cybersecurity Tools To Comply With The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)
device attestation
Blog post

Streamlining Device Security with Device Attestation

Device attestation solutions emerge as indispensable tools, providing a shield against unauthorized access, data breaches, and malicious activities.
Complete Digital Infrastructure Protection for Cloud & Cloud Service Providers
Blog post

Secure Cloud Migration & Data Protection in the Cloud

Recognizing and understanding the risks associated with cloud migration is not only effective but also imperative for organizations.
women looking at a credit card
Blog post

The EU Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) Will Mean Significant Changes for Financial Institutions and ICT Providers

The European Commission's legislation aims to create EU-wide laws to ensure the operational resilience of the financial services industry.

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