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Powered by Utimaco SecurityServer and HashiCorp

Highest Security for Secrets Stored in HashiCorp Vault

Reliably manage your secrets with HashiCorp Vault

In today’s digital environments, managing credentials for applications, secrets, and certificates is crucial to enable stability and availability.

By utilizing HashiCorp Vault, the separation of credentials from applications, secrets, and certificates is possible by storing and managing them in an isolated vault. This facilitates effective lifecycle management of secrets, such as tokens, certificates, and more, while enabling secure access to endpoints.

Adding the extra layer of security for your secrets by the combined use of HashiCorp Vault and HashiCorp PKI Engine in conjunction with Utimaco SecurityServer

By combining the strengths of Utimaco's SecurityServer and the HashiCorp's Vault, your secret management becomes highly secure and easy to operate.

SecurityServer is Utimaco’s track-proven and stable Hardware Security Modules (HSM) that delivers superior performance for the generation, storage, and usage of high-quality cryptographic keys.

The secure generation and management of master keys as well as the signing keys within SecurityServer play a crucial role for the HashiCorp Vault's and the HashiCorp PKI Engine’s operations. The keys needed for issuing certificates by the CA of HashiCorp PKI Engine and the master keys used for automatic unsealing of HashiCorp Vault are generated through SecurityServer.

As the keys never leave the HSM unencrypted, they are securely protected against fraud and manipulation. With that, the keys and the certificates themselves are highly secured against replication.

The availability of SecurityServer on different hardware platforms provides the flexibility to choose the variant that best aligns with your specific requirements in terms of performance and compliance.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits


Highest security for certificates and vault-stored secrets

based on secure generation and management of high-quality keys


Compliance with FIPS 140-2

up to Level 4 (physical security)  


Easy integration into existing environment

via standard interface PKCS #11


Firmware Customization Options

enabled through CryptoServer SDK

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