Mena ISC

Utimaco @ MENA ISC 2023

Visit Utimaco at the CyberKnight booth and see how data protection and HSM solutions support your Zero Trust Architecture

This year’s MENA ISC is all about strengthening your cybersecurity against future threats – whether from artificial intelligence or quantum computers. Together with our partner CyberKnight, we will present cyber strategies and solutions that will strengthen your defenses against any of these future threats:

Under the theme ‘Beyond Resilience: Zero Trust Security for an AI-Pioneered Cyber Renaissance’, we will be showcasing our Zero Trust portfolio.

Join us at the CyberKnight booth and discover how you can build a Zero Trust Architecture using  

  • File Encryption
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Key Management
  • Hardware Security Modules
Spotlight Sessions

Join Utimaco’s session: Zero Trust Architecture – A step-by-step introduction

Maen Ftouni

Maen Ftouni, Sales Account Manager, Utimaco

In this talk, Maen Ftouni from Utimaco welcomes you to step inside the realm of Zero Trust Architecture:

He will guide you through the essential components, benefits, and do's and don'ts of Zero Trust implementation. Gain valuable insights into identity management and the importance of cryptography in Zero Trust environments. Attend this presentation to get a brief introduction to Zero Trust and learn about the components of a Zero Trust Architecture.

For more information on products and solutions that can help you build your Zero Trust Architecture, visit Utimaco at the CyberKnight booth.

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